Genevieve LeMarchal

An excellent scholar with a degree from the prestigious Washington State University, with an MBA from the University of Washington both in the United States of America.

Genevieve LeMarchal is the Head of Healthcare ventures for Expert Dojo, the most active early-stage start-up accelerator and fund in Southern California, and General Partner of Sunstone Capital Partners.

 An atypical investor, her investments in pre-seed and seed-stage companies span diverse fields with a worldwide footprint. 

Companies in her portfolio include life sciences, digital health, XR tech, consumer brands, beauty, and more.

She advises and structures deals for early-stage tech, life sciences, healthcare, and digital health startups

Her vast experience and knowledge of building and sustaining startups put her in a league of her own as she serves as advisor and consultant to early-stage companies and founders, advising emerging venture capital funds, corporate venture capital funds, and individual investors on early-stage investing, capitalization, risk analysis, and strategy. 

Genevieve previously served as a Partner at a new science and deep technology advisory and fund information and was General Partner of FoundersPad VC. Also a founding board member of XXCelerate Fund. 

Prior to venture capital, she was a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of experience ranging from tech to consumer brands.

Genevieve is a frequent panelist, presenter, and keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, finance, and other technical topics.

She is a champion for female and underrepresented founders.

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